Latest Release!
  • Sweet Allah Lee
  • Be Thankful You're Living
  • Last Night I Cried Myself Awake
  • Just Ole Bubba
  • Luther
  • Old Old House
  • Sing Me A Song About The Railroad
  • Jimmie's Mule
  • Wires and Wood
  • Where Does The Good Times Go?
  • Mr. Peabody's Coal Train
  • Sled Ride
  • I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
"Skystone Traditional Bluegrass" is our first release and contains band members that have since retired. We still have a few of these CD's left and they will be available at any of our appearences. Get 'em while you still can!
Important update on our new CD release

Our new release was in response to input from fans and includes some of our most popular. The CD was introduced last yar and has been well received.

On almost every show we play we have had requests for and questions about the possibility of a new CD. We are happy to announce that we have just released the new CD. We recorded at Wally Cleavers´ Recording Studio in Fredricksburg, Virginia under the keen ear of outstanding engineer Jeff Covert, producer of our "Traditional Bluegrass" CD. Jeff recently engineered the latest John Starling CD in Nashville. Jeff has a unique way of bringing out the best performance a group is capable of doing. On one cut we thought we had done a fairly good job on one of the songs. We asked Jeff what he thought. He said "it was absolutely awesome, and then he added, if you like flat." Needless to say we gave that one another shot. As an addition we have included a four page booklet with two color photographs of the band and an in depth look at each member. We were very pleased with this CD and are proud to make it vailable at our shows and on this website.

We have recorded thirteen songs, including three originals. Bill Torbert has a lively mandolin instrumental he named after his favorite dog "Bubba", "Just Ole Bubba". Jimmie Delozier does one of our favorites, "Jimmie´s Mule" on his fiddle and we included my first effort at songwriting, "Sing Me a Song About the Railroad". A long time fan, Jim Churchill, who happens to be the President of the Rail Passengers Association came into the Tiffany Tavern one night and said "sing me a song about the railroad". The next day the song almost wrote itself. (Insiders note..."Irwin T." is the writer of the famous "Orange Blossom Special".

Tom Utterback sings "Luther" and "Mr Peabodysâ Coal Train". I add the "Old, Old House" and a song that Bill Torberts´ friend and mentor, Jimmie Martin, rearranged for me in a "catfish house" in Henderson, Tennessee, "Be Thankful You´re Living". Bill closes the CD with his most requested song, "I Just Don´t Look Good Naked Anymore" with an ending that has to be heard to be believed. Here are a few shots from the recording studio.

Bill keeps the chop going and will be singing our most requested song.

Jimmy's in there with his fiddle breaks and a special instrumental.

Bill is keeping the beat strong and on time (he fell in love with Jeff's click-track).

Tom has got his banjo rolling and is singing several all time favorites.