MONTE MONTEITH - Monte was raised during the hey day of "Bluegrass Music" in the Washington D.C. area. He is known for his strong lead voice and authentic bluegrass guitar playing. He has a reputation as a dynamic MC and feels that bands need to have respect for the music. If you're around Monte you are going to hear "lets' play it right".

Monte and his bands have been active since the early sixties (see March 2015 and June 2015 issues of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine). They have played all the major venues including: Sunset Park, New River Ranch, Watermellon Park, Oak Leaf Park and played The Washington Coliseum the week before the Beatles made their North American debut on the same stage.
  • Monte Monteith - MC, guitar and vocals
  • Ben Outland - guitar and vocals
  • Tommy Barlow - dobro
  • Bob Payne - banjo, mandolin and vocals
  • Paul Clark - bass and tenor vocals
  • Larry Carpenter - 5 string banjo